Bonzo Bash fan review Perrin

​Tonight marked the 2nd consecutive year that Bonzo Bash was being performed on the East Coast at the Bergen Pac in Englewood, NJ. And as a Led Zeppelin fan, rock fan, music fan, and drummer myself, I went to the show last year (first time on the East Coast) and I was blown away. I told myself every time it came back I would be there. So, I got my tickets and I was at the Bonzo Bash tonight. Brian Tichy a New Jersey native started this and I thank him for that because it was a life changing experience for me (also he is a tremendous drummer). Unlike last year there weren’t as many drummers but I didn’t care because I knew that all these drummers are amazing and they did not disappoint. I got to hear so many tremendous drummers all who are inspiring me to get better and better as a drummer and a person. But for anyone who missed it or weren’t sure if they wanted to go, NEVER EVER do that again because if you love music, Led Zeppelin, drums, or all of the above it will be one of the greatest nights of your life and something that you will want to go to every year! All I know is I am going next year and every time they come back to the New Jersey. If they have a VIP ticket I will be buying that for sure!


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