I watched the show on my computer while I chugged beer. 


The “Black Carpet” segment has awful.  I could tell by the lack or coordination and all the drunken attendees and participants that the show was going to be a mess. 

Some of the low/ funny points-

People not even moving to Slayer playing.   That was sad to watch.  The room looked pretty empty when the camera panned the wrong way.

The TV production was awful.  Everything went wrong.   All the acts were announced and then there were long periods of silence.  It seemed tremendously unrehearsed.

Zakk Wylde’s hideous piano ballad.  Honoring people is good, but Jani Lane was never in Motorhead and this song sucked. 

Billy Sheehan announcing Paul Gray as the winner of the best bassist award.

Deep Purple winning the comeback of the year.  Very “JEthro Tull-ish” (BTW, both of those bands rule, but wrong crowd).

It was silent before Suicide Silence played.  During their awful performance, they should just have stayed silent or been muted.  That new singer sucks.  It takes zero talent to sing and play music like that.  Zero.

Unfunny comedians.   There wasn;t anything that was amusing in the way of intentional comedy.  Unintentional on the other hand…

The long pauses between the presenters and performers were great.  Crickets chirping.

On the stream, there wasn’t anyone cheering in the crowd noise for any of the nominees.   It was probably that way live, too.

People that weren;t quite sober:  Ace Frehley, Marilyn Manson, Chuck Zito, Bam Margera, Andy Dick and most other people on camera.

“Most Metal Athlete” – horrible category.  Josh Barnett is cool, but he was an embarrassment.  And he recently got KTFOed.

Two less than good version of “I Hate Myself for Living You”.  I HATE MSELF FOR WATCHING YOU!

How I managed to stay awake through all of this is still something I can’t figure out.

At this point, my head hit the keyboard. 

When I woke from my coma, I watched the footage of GnR this morning.  Poor AXL.   at least the horribly out of tune guitar on “Sweet Child Of Mine” matched the vocals.   GnR was a great live band a few years ago and all the musicians still play the songs great and do a phenomenal job (minus the tuning of that one guitar).   

The video screen behind the drummer was really cool, but everything in front of it needed help.  I feel bad for the audience.


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