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JOHN CORABI The Whisky A-Go-Go 3/19/2014


As a huge Racer X fan in my teen years, I bought up any projects the former members of the band were involved with from the late 80s to the early 90s. 

A few years after Racer X called it quits, former members Juan/John Alderete and Bruce Bouillet formed a band called The Scream.

Their album release, “Let It Scream”, is a an incredible recording of great songs with the stunning vocals of John Corabi.   There are many gems on that album from touching balladry to all out rock.  Some of my favorite songs ever are on this album.    Still to this day, not many recordings compare to that one.    If only more people were hip to it at the time, it would have had the potential to be a huge album.

Ironically, with bands like The Scream, music didn’t have to go bad like it did in the 90s.. but it did.

A few years later, it seemed like the perfect choice when Motley Crue hired John Corabi to replace Vince Neil.   He was a GREAT replacement (and improvement) for the the self-titled “Motley Crue” album.    Still, John didn’t seem to get his due.  A true musical travesty, as he was once again overlooked.   By the mid-90s, the overall climate of music was in complete suck mode.  Again, it didn’t have to be.   


John has carried on in various projects over the years (including being the guitarist for RATT for a while) and is one of the people on my short list that I’ve always wanted to see live and never had the opportunity to.    

Fast forward to 2014.  I’m sitting upstairs at The Whisky with my buddy when John Corabi sits at the table next to us.    We end up talking to him for a minute and he says he hasn’t played a note at The Whisky in over 20 years, as the Motley Crue album was released just over 20 years ago (March 15, 1994 to be exact).   He was very cool and posed for a picture with internet sensation Joe Dolan.

DSC00511 DSC00532

John came out rocking the acoustic guitar and played an incredible 30 minute set that started with “Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore)”.    His guitar playing and singing were top notch as he tore through some solo tunes, some choice cuts off of the The Scream’s first album (“Man In The Moon” and “Mother, Father, Son – one of the best tunes ever/ a personal favorite that hardly anyone knows about).

Just before the show, John took some pictures with some guys that came all the way from Australia to see John in concert.  As evidenced by their shirts, they were there to see “Hooligan’s Holiday” from Motley Crue.   


The next thing you know, the four Australian dudes are up on stage rocking out with John as he played their tune.   It looked like a pretty surreal experience for the guys as they took selfies and pics on their phones and had a great time onstage.   Good for them.


The guys join in around the 1 minute mark here:

Full tune:

DSC00534  DSC00542

The fact that talent like John’s has been so ridiculously overlooked is just proof positive that most people are complete morons when it comes to good music.  It’s really sad.


DSC00568   DSC00595




The awesome set ended all too soon.   Mission accomplished.



MIKE TRAMP The Whisky A-Go-Go 3/19/2014

the Marquee:


The set times:


Mike Tramp’s set list:


Mike Tramp:

DSC00669 DSC00676

Mike Tramp’s feet:


Mike Tramp’s left arm:


Mike Tramp’s cool jacket:


Like his performance here last year with Oz and Michael from Stryper (And the time I saw White Lion open for Ozzy in the 80s), this was a great show.  Mike played some solo tune and some of the White Lion hits.  He talked honestly about being a big rock star and then having to take a huge step back when grunge messed up metal in the 90s.    His songs were pretty deep and had very meaningful lyrics.  And the acoustic arrangements/ versions of the old hits were also excellent.    “Radar Love” had kind of a country feel to it and he did a good job improvising and covering sections where the guitar solos and other stuff would have gone.  He also had funny KISS jokes and told cool stories like when Brian Johnson of AC/DC was thankful there were girls in the crowd at the shows back when White Lion toured with them.

I-phone pics and videos:







Mike Tramp rocking the F out:

      DSC00806DSC00735DSC00774DSC00785    DSC00827 DSC00834 DSC00857 DSC00802DSC00720


As with the last time he played the Whisky, after the show, he did an informal meet and greet upstairs.  Very cool!  A couple dudes came all the way from Germany for the show. 

DSC00883 DSC00872 DSC00876 DSC00878

AXS TV THE WORLD’S GREATEST TRIBUTE BANDS Draw The Line Tribute to Aerosmith The Whisky 3/3/2014



Draw The Line, a tribute to Aerosmith came all the way from Boston for this week’s show of the World’s Greatest Tribute Bands. DSC09628

Katie Daryl introduced the band and they proceeded to tear through a set list of songs both old and new that are among the most popular and adored songs in the vast Aerosmith catalog.

Everyone in attendance was blown away by how much the singer looked and sounded like Steven Tyler. He was such a dead-ringer that it was a bit scary. The bass player also strongly resembled Tom Hamilton.

The hour seemed to just fly by and before you knew it, the band had done a full telecast, including a bonus encore. All the fans in attendance seemed to leave in a very happy frame of mind.



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Robert Randolph and the Family Band with Kenny Wayne Shepherd guesting THE CANYON CLUB 2/28/2014


I happened to see Robert Randolph and the Family Band back in the summer of 2004 (almost ten years ago!) when they opened for Eric Clapton at the Hollywood Bowl.    I was instantly blown away by the music and performance.     At the end of the evening, I left the show liking their set the best. 


A few years later, I was lucky enough to see them again opening for Dave Matthews Band.  Again, their set was the highlight of the evening.


I was thrilled to hear that they were playing the Canyon.     

As expected, from the opening note of his pedal steel guitar to the end, the show was fantastic.   His guitar playing is unreal.   He broke a string and had to have it fixed while he was playing.  It was actually pretty entertaining to watch.   


Very early on into the set, he went ahead and introduced Kenny Wayne Shepherd.  They jammed on three songs together.  Kenny just played The Canyon a few weeks ago and his band totally rocked, too.


The entire show was awesome.    There were some catchy tunes off the new album – Lickety

Split and the band just flat out rocks all kinds of styles – it was funky, bluesy, raw and powerful.   I’d see this band again and again.   And I’m not usually a big fan of slide guitar playing and blues, but I can;t say enough about this group.


   DSC08482  DSC08511 DSC08487 DSC08602 DSC08488 DSC08556 DSC08499  DSC08507 DSC08503DSC08500  DSC08505  DSC08541 DSC08538 DSC08535 DSC08533 DSC08532 DSC08530 DSC08529  DSC08518 DSC08506 DSC08597 DSC08554 DSC08558 DSC08608 DSC08592 DSC08598 DSC08621 DSC08624 DSC08623 DSC08616 DSC08581 DSC08584 DSC08585

Here’s the band’s EPK – it’s pretty awesome: