THE PETTYBREAKERS AXS TV’S World’s Greatest Tribute Bands Hosted by KATIE DARYL The Whisky 2/24/2014


Tonight’s show  was the midpoint of Season 3 (show #8 of of 15), as “The PettyBreakers” paid tribute to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.

DSC08064 DSC08082

We got a quick glimpse of The PettyBreakers earlier in Season 3 when Ozzie Mancinelli (playing Tom Petty) joined Bella Donna (Michelle Tyler playing Stevie Nicks) onstage for some Petty/Nicks duets.


The PettyBreakers just recorded the first three songs on the newest AXS TV release available on iTunes (the songs are Change of Heart, Learning to Fly, You Got Lucky):


The recordings are great (and Change of Heart is my all-time favorite Petty song).


Katie Daryl introduced the band and the event got underway. MORE PICS OF KATIE    I think I could hear Katie Daryl say that Tom Petty last played The Whisky in 1980, so if I heard that correctly, it’s pretty cool.  In any case, the band came out and jammed some of Tom Petty’s vast catalog, some solo hits and even a Traveling Wilburys tune.  The songs covered about 20 years of Petty’s amazing career and many great songs.  As a huge Petty fan and having seen him in concert many times, they get a definite thumbs up for doing justice to the tunes.

The Main Set


They started off the set with “I Need To Know”, the first single from their second album, “You’re Gonna Get It!”) all the way back from 1978.  The venue was rocking.


Next was “Don’t Do Me Like That” – the first single from 1979’s “Damn The Torpedoes” (which The Pettybreakers have performed live in its entirety – I’d really love to see that someday!)


Then was “Free Fallin’ – the opening track from Tom Petty’s 1989 solo album “Full Moon Fever”.  That’s probably the most popular and well known Petty song to casual fans.


Next was one of the best Petty tunes ever – “Listen To Her Heart”, the second single from their second album.  They did an outstanding version.


Next was the classic “The Waiting” – the lead single from 1981’s “Hard Promises” and another mega-classic.   And the hits just kept coming.


They followed with “Breakdown” – the first single from the first (and self-0titled) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album from 1976 .  DSC08253

“Here Comes My Girl”, the third single from “Damn The Torpedoes” was next.   The band was completely rocking all the songs in the set list.


They finished the first set with the incredibly popular “I Won’t Back Down” – the first single from Full Moon Fever.   That song was even used in a presidential campaign, if you can remember that.


Katie Daryl then took the band and wild crowd to commercial break.


Encore #1


The encore started off with “American Girl” – the second single from the debut album (I thought about the scene in Silence of the Lambs that uses this song as the soundtrack when they performed this song live).


“Mary Jane’s Last Dance”, which was a very popular single recorded in 1993 for the greatest hits album, was the next song.   This is another of the most popular songs he’s ever performed.  Heck, there are so many.

DSC08249 DSC08397 DSC08399

“Refugee” – the second single from “Damn The Torpedoes” was the 3rd song of the televised encore and Runnin’ Down A Dream – the second single on Full Moon Fever closed out the telecast.


DSC08284 DSC08292

Katie Daryl returned to the stage and called for a few more songs.

Encore #2 (past the close of the live telecast):

The second encore consisted of “It’s Good To Be King” from 1994’s Wildflowers  and “Handle With Care” from the 1988 Traveling Wilburys album.  A great ending to a fabulous show.

DSC08402 DSC08405 DSC08062

DSC08424 DSC08433 DSC08441 DSC08446 image


Courtney Cox and Nita Strauss from The Iron Maidens:

DSC08208 DSC08207

Scotty Kormos from DSB:


Kenny Metcalf as Elton:

DSC08206 DSC08408

David Brighton from Space Oddity and Dan Johnson from Which One’s Pink?

DSC08167 DSC08317 DSC08363


Katie Daryl on TWITTER



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Below pictures compliments of James Michael Photography





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