Winger Rocked The Sunset Strip at The Whisky 11/14/2014



Much like their emergence onto the heavy metal scene in 1988, Winger (FB, Twitter) took the stage by storm at the legendary Whisky a Go Go on Friday night.

This year, The Whisky has seen its share of iconic musicians performing on its stage for the first time, and, despite being one of the most notable heavy metal bands of their time, Winger somehow had yet to appear at The Whisky before this show.

Excited fans were gathered at the corner of Sunset and Clark way before the venue doors opened.   By the time The Whisky finally started letting ticketholders in, there was a massive crowd in front of the building –- a real indication of how memorable the show was going to be.

San Francisco based rock band Evolution Eden kicked the night off, followed by the talented Madysin Hatter, who had also opened for Tom Keifer (whose band includes original Winger keyboardist/guitarist Paul Taylor) just a few weeks ago on the very same stage.   Hammering Process then took the stage with some Southern rock riffs and another rock band from northern California, State Line Empire, was the last warm up act prior to Winger’s performance.

Just a few minutes before midnight, Winger finally took the stage opening up with the  opening track Midnight Driver of a Love Machine from their new album Better Days Comin’. Then taking the crowd back in time, they raged through Easy Come Easy Go, Hungry, and Pull Me Under.

Energetic, fit, and looking like they were definitely having lots of fun, the members of Winger (which included the aforementioned original keyboardist/guitarist Paul Taylor) made many in attendance think that some type of time warp occurred, as the band members and the music really seem to have passed or even forgone the test of time.

The crowd exploded right at the first song when John Roth and Reb Beach showcased their guitar skills.   While Roth had a few acrobatic tricks to demonstrate with his guitar, Beach pleased the fans with an extended guitar solo.  As the band went through Stone Cold Killer and Rat Race, drum legend Rod Morgenstein also had his turn to exhibit his skills, while crafting an extremely passionate drum solo.



Taking a detour from the pounding rhythm of the show, the band performed beautiful versions of their hits Miles Away and Headed for a Heartbreak.

Video from the Whisky a Go Go on Twitter:

After playing Tin Soldier from the new album, Winger played three more of their classic songs – Can’t Get Enuff, Madalaine (which was followed by a fantastic guitar solo by Reb Beach), and the iconic Seventeen, which was a real high point of the show.

After Seventeen, Kip Winger took a break to look for a bass player in the audience.  After a fan made his way to the stage, he proudly declared “My favorite band of all time is Van Halen.”   The band then ripped through Van Halen’s Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love, which fired up the crowd one last time before closing a very memorable show.



Midnight Driver of a Love Machine 

Easy Come Easy Go 


Pull Me Under 

Down Incognito 

Rainbow in the Rose 

Deal With the Devil 

Stone Cold Killer 

Rat Race 

Miles Away 

Headed for a Heartbreak 

Tin Soldier 

Can’t Get Enuff 


Guitar Solo (Reb Beach) 


Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love (Van Halen cover)

Kip Winger: lead vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, acoustic guitar.

Reb Beach: lead and rhythm guitar,  harmonica(live)

Rod Morgenstein:  drums, percussion

John Roth: rhythm and lead guitar,  keyboards

Paul Taylor:  keyboards and guitars


For more tour dates and information, visit Winger’s official website, Facebook, and Twitter.



Tom Keifer at Whisky a Go Go 10/26/2014


Famous for having such legendary bands as The Doors, Motley Crue, and many others, Whisky a Go Go seems to be the only appropriate venue in Los Angeles to take on the responsibility of hosting Tom Keifer’s show.    This year’s music scene has seen its fair share of many notable ‘comebacks’, anniversaries, and reunions and Tom Keifer’s long-awaited and extremely emotional return to The Whisky this Sunday certainly outshines all of those happenings.IMG_0014

Embarking on The Way Life Goes Tour last year in support of his solo record, Tom and his band played many different venues all over the United States, and the anticipation of having them to perform on The Sunset Strip resulted in a huge crowd in front of The Whisky hours before the show.

Two opening acts, including the charming Madysin Hatter and quite impressive guys from Vintage City Rockers, who were absolutely skillful at firing up the crowd before Tom Keifer finally took the stage sometime after 10 P.M.IMG_0046

In his performance. Tom demonstrated complete honesty and dedication to his fans.   When the lights went down as the fans agitatedly screamed and cheered, Tom briskly ran down the side stairs greeting the crowd and starting off the set with Night Songs from Cinderella’s debut album.   He confessed that the previous evening’s show in Arizona ‘F***ed up his voice’, but just a few minutes in, somewhere around the second chorus of Save Me, he finally let one of his signature growls out and erased any doubt about him not being to live up to everyone’s expectations.


Tom’s wife, songwriter Savannah Snow, shared the stage with the band to perform the iconic Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone).  Released in 1988, it remains Cinderella’s most successful single.   Starting the song as a gentle duet, Tom ended the ballad with a strikingly passionate guitar solo, pleasing the fans with another Cinderella hit right after that – Nobody’s Fool.

Having a somewhat stronger blues and country sound, material from new record proves that Tom is still a versatile songwriter who is able to create an album that embraces several genres.   New songs Solid Ground, Cold Day in Hell, and The Flower Song were just as well received as the iconic Cinderella classics.IMG_0620IMG_0499

Wrapping up the set with Shelter Me, the band yet came back for an encore with two more songs – Little Help and Gypsy Road.

IMG_0353Stating only this much about this indisputably incredible performance doesn’t somehow seem enough.

IMG_0588Having gone to quite a few shows featuring some of the biggest musicians in the industry, I hardly see this much artist interaction with the fans.  Tom Keifer is one of the few who is not afraid of showing his gratitude and affection to those who have made his dreams of singing again come true.  His honesty and dedication was felt in every word he sang Sunday night at The Whisky.

Set List

Night Songs

It’s Not Enough

Different Light

Save Me

Shake Me

Flower Song

Ask Me Yesterday

Don’t Know

Nobody’s Fool

Solid Ground

Cold Day In Hell

Coming Home

Shelter Me

Little Help

Gypsy Road


The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands Returns September 2014 – Band Announced


Starting September 9, AXS-TV is moving World’s Greatest Tribute Bands moves to Tuesday nights at 9 PM and will package it with a new concert series, TheHeadliners Club Series Presented by Budweiser at 11:30 PM.

The show returns to the Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood for its fourth season with host and executive producer Katie Daryl.

Sept. 9 – Justin Shandor: a Tribute to Elvis ***Extended Version***
Sept. 16 – Pyromania: a Tribute to Def Leppard
Sept. 23 – Fortunate Son: a Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival
Sept. 30 – Billy Joel 2 Elton John: a Tribute to Billy Joel and Elton John
Oct. 7 – Dog N Butterfly: a Tribute to Heart
Oct. 14 – Fan Halen: a Tribute to Van Halen
Oct. 28 – Ozzmania: a Tribute to Ozzy Osborne & Black Sabbath
Nov. 4 – Bostyx: a Tribute to Boston & Styx
Nov. 11 – The Ten Band: a Tribute to Pearl Jam
Nov. 18 – Southbound and Company: a Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd
Nov. 25 – Blonde Day: a Tribute to Blondie
Dec. 2 – Super Diamond: a Tribute to Neil Diamond



This season, Constitution Park is celebrating a them with the year 1964.    Seeing The Fab Four in Camarillo to celebrate The Beatles 50th anniversary was an absolute no-brainer.      You can set up camp and claim your spot in the park to see the show 2 days prior to the actual concert.    

Easily the greatest Beatles tribute band in the world, there isn’t another band that even remotely comes close to the quality and perfection of their live shows.      About a year ago, they put on an incredible live TV performance for AXS TV’s The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands at the Roxy in West Hollywood , which they rightfully lived up to the title of being the best.    They proved it again when they delivered another stunning performance at The Canyon Club in Agoura earlier this year. 

Ardy Sarraf as Paul McCartney, Ron McNeil as John Lennon, Gavin Pring as George Harrison,  and Erik Fidel as Ringo Starr absolutely nailed the live performance experience of The Beatles.   It literally feels like taking a trip back in time watching the band play an incredible set list of the different eras of The Beatles – complete with wardrobe changes and all. 

To start the show, Ed Sullivan comes out and tells the audience to take as many pictures, even with flash and videos that they can.     How cool is that?

DSC00055DSC00112DSC00085 DSC00096 DSC00094 DSC00100 DSC00102

DSC00107 DSC00109 DSC00113  DSC00115   DSC00128DSC00138DSC00165 DSC00145 DSC00147 DSC00153


iTunes The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands Volume 1